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Lessons from private discipline in 2023Susan M. HumistonApril 2024Image.pdf
A year of public disciplineSusan M. HumistonMarch 2024Image.pdf
Consider a firm operations self-assessmentSusan M. HumistonJanuary/February 2024Images.pdf
Conducting a trust account self-assessmentSusan M. HumistonDecember 2023Image.pdf
Drawing the line on ethical witness preparationSusan M. HumistonNovember 2023Image.pdf
Court issues order on ABA discipline system recommendationsSusan M. HumistonOctober 2023Image.pdf
FILE RETENTION AND RETURNSusan M. HumistonSeptember 2023Image.pdf
UNPROFESSIONAL RELATIONSHIPS with clientsSusan M. HumistonAugust 2023Image.pdf
HOT TOPICS in legal ethicsSusan M. HumistonJuly 2023Image.pdf
Communication, diligence, and client expectionsSusan M. HumistonMay/June 2023Image.pdf
PRIVATE DISCIPLINE in 2022Susan M. HumistonApril 2023Image.pdf
PUBLIC DISCIPLINE SUMMARY FOR 2022Susan M. HumistonMarch 2023Image.pdf
2023 RESOLUTIONS - ETHICS EDITIONSusan M. HumistonJanuary/February 2023Image.pdf
MORE ON THE ABA CONSULTATION REPORTSusan M. HumistonDecember 2022Image.pdf
ABA issues consultation report on Minnesota's discipline systemSusan M. HumistonNovember 2022Image.pdf
ETHICS NEWS from around the countrySusan M. HumistonOctober 2022Image.pdf
Your ethical duties in dealing with unrepresented personsSusan M. HumistonSeptember 2022Image.pdf
DUE DILIGENCE ON LAWYERSSusan M. HumistonAugust 2022Image.pdf
ADVERTISING RULE CHANGESSusan M. HumistonJuly 2022Image.pdf
PRIVATE DISCIPLINE in 2021Susan M. HumistonApril 2022Image.pdf
ABA OPINION 500 takes on language access in the client-lawyer relationshipSusan M. HumistonMarch 2022Image.pdf
PUBLIC DISCIPLINE in 2021Susan M. HumistonJanuary/February 2022Image.pdf
Potential ethics rule changesSusan M. HumistonDecember 2021Image.pdf
Lawyer neutrals and other people's moneySusan M. HumistonNovember 2021Image.pdf
Trust account overdrafts - what you need to knowSusan M. HumistonOctober 2021Image.pdf
Pandemic legal ethics, part 2Susan M. HumistonSeptember 2021Image.pdf
Supervising probation is a great way to volunteerSusan M. HumistonAugust 2021Image.pdf
The OLPR turns 50!Susan M. HumistonJuly 2021Image.pdf
Mythbusters - Lawyer discipline editionSusan M. HumistonMay/June 2021Image.pdf
Avoiding ethics complaintsSusan M. HumistonApril 2021Image.pdf
Private discipline in 2020Susan M. HumistonMarch 2021Image.pdf
Public discipline summary for 2020Susan M. HumistonFebruary 2021Image.pdf
Lawyers in transitionSusan M. HumistonJanuary 2021Image.pdf
Safekeeping client property (including filing fees)Susan M. HumistonDecember 2020Image.pdf
Prosecutorial ethics Part twoSusan M. HumistonNovember 2020Image.pdf
Prosecutorial ethics - holding to account ministers of justiceSusan M. HumistonOctober 2020Images.pdf
Caution is warranted; scams are afootSusan M. HumistonSeptember 2020Image.pdf
Challenging clients in difficult timesSusan M. HumistonAugust 2020Image.pdf
Prospective clients and the ethics rulesSusan M. HumistonJuly 2020Image.pdf
Legal ethics in a pandemicSusan M. HumistonMay/June 2020Image.pdf
When may a lawyer ethically threaten criminal prosecutionSusan M. HumistonApril 2020Image.pdf
2019 private disciplineSusan M. HumistonMarch 2020Image.pdf
Public Discipline in 2019Susan M. HumistonFebruary 2020Images.pdf
Ethical fee agreementsSusan M. HumistonJanuary 2020Images.pdf
Your ethical duty of supervisionSusan M. HumistonDecember 2019Image.pdf
Withdrawing as counsel (ethically)Susan M. HumistonNovember 2019Images.pdf
Practicing law without liability insuranceSusan M. HumistonOctober 2019Image.pdf
The justice gap is driving a legal ethics reform movementSusan M. HumistonSeptember 2019Image.pdf
On civility and ethicsSusan M. HumistonAugust 2019Images.pdf
Disclosing errorsSusan M. HumistonJuly 2019Image.pdf
Business Transactions with ClientsSusan M. HumistonMay/June 2019Images.pdf
Ethical of counsel associationsSusan M. HumistonApril 2019Images.pdf
Private discipline in 2018Susan M. HumistonMarch 2019Image.pdf
2018 year in review - Public disciplineSusan M. HumistonFebruary 2019Images.pdf
Suicide prevention - Every lawyer's opportunityJoan BibelhausenJanuary 2019Images.pdf
Attention general counsel - UPL and youSusan M. Humiston and Emily EschweilerDecember 2018Image.pdf
When someone else pays your billSusan M. HumistonNovember 2018Image.pdf
What you don't know about trust accounts can hurt youSusan M. HumistonOctober 2018Images.pdf
Matchmaking services for lawyersSusan M. HumistonSeptember 2018Image.pdf
File content and retentionSusan M. HumistonAugust 2018Image.pdf
Divorce and conflictsSusan M. HumistonJuly 2018Image.pdf
Are you in good standingSusan M. HumistonMay/June 2018Images.pdf
Spring trust account cleanupSusan M. HumistonApril 2018Images.pdf
Private discipline in 2017Susan M. HumistonMarch 2018Image.pdf
2017 year in review - Public disciplineSusan M. HumistonFebruary 2018Image.pdf
Harassment and attorney ethicsSusan M. HumistonJanuary 2018Image.pdf
Lawyer well-being and lawyer regulationSusan M. HumistonDecember 2017Image.pdf
Is your firm complying with the Minnesota Professional Firms ActSusan M. HumistonNovember 2017Image.pdf
Ethically unbundling legal servicesSusan M. HumistonOctober 2017Image.pdf
So you've received an ethics complaint. What nowSusan M. HumistonSeptember 2017Image.pdf
How do Minnesota's attorney discipline numbers compareSusan M. HumistonAugust 2017Image.pdf
Who gets disciplinedSusan M. HumistonJuly 2017Image.pdf
Helping victims of lawyer dishonestySusan M. HumistonMay/June 2017Image.pdf
Congressional interest in lawyer advertisingSusan M. HumistonApril 2017Image.pdf
Your duty to reportSusan M. HumistonMarch 2017Image.pdf
Private discipline in 2016Susan M. HumistonFebruary 2017Image.pdf
2016 year in review Public disciplineSusan M. HumistonJanuary 2017Image.pdf
Client confidentiality and client criticismsPatrick R. BurnsDecember 2016Image.pdf
What happens to clients upon your death or disabilitySusan M. HumistonNovember 2016Image.pdf
Multijurisdictional Practice and UPL RiskSusan M. HumistonOctober 2016Image.pdf
Is Your Trust Account in OrderSusan M. HumistonSeptember 2016Image.pdf
'Reply all' and some thoughts on flat feesSusan M. HumistonAugust 2016Image.pdf
The Unseen Work of the OLPRSusan M. HumistonJuly 2016Image.pdf
Demystifying the Handling of Lawyer ComplaintsSusan M. HumistonMay/June 2016Image.pdf
'That's a terrible job.' How this lawyer ended up directorSusan M. HumistonApril 2016Image.pdf
Our Ethical Responsibility to Help Ourselves and Our ColleaguesJudith M. Rush and Patrick R. BurnsMarch 2016Image.pdf
Summary of Private Discipline February 2016Timothy M. BurkeFebruary 2016Image.pdf
To Every Thing There Is a SeasonMartin ColeDecember 2015Image.pdf
Crunching NumbersMartin ColeNovember 2015Image.pdf
Private Probation Saving a CareerMartin ColeOctober 2015Image.pdf
Client Files the ABA Weighs InMartin ColeSeptember 2015Image.pdf
Top Ten ListMartin ColeAugust 2015Image.pdf
Dealing with Unrepresented PersonsMartin ColeJuly 2015Image.pdf
A Commentary on the CommentsJudith M. RushMay/June 2015Image.pdf
New and NoteworthyMartin ColeApril 2015Image.pdf
Summary of Private Discipline March 2015Martin ColeMarch 2015Image.pdf
Summary of Public Discipline Feb 2015Martin ColeFebruary 2015
Taking StockMartin ColeJanuary 2015Image.pdf
New Focus on Referral FeesMartin ColeDecember 2014Image.pdf
Withdrawing Must I May IMartin ColeNovember 2014Image.pdf
Revisiting Law Firm NamesMartin ColeOctober 2014Images.pdf
Ethics Rules and Pro Se LawyersMartin ColeSeptember 2014Image.pdf
Lawyers Board Annual ReportMartin ColeAugust 2014Images.pdf
Lawyers Dealing with JudgesMartin ColeJuly 2014Image.pdf
Changes Ahead for Legal EducationMartin ColeMay/June 2014Images.pdf
Great VolunteersMartin ColeApril 2014Image.pdf
Summary of Private DisciplineMartin ColeMarch 2014Image.pdf
Summary of Public Discipline Feb 2014Martin ColeFebruary 2014Image.pdf
When Incivility Crosses the LineMartin ColeJanuary 2014Image.pdf
Beware of Ethics Information Overload Dec 2013Martin ColeDecember 2013Image.pdf
Responsibility to Mentor Nov 2013Judith M. RushNovember 2013Image.pdf
MythbustersMartin ColeOctober 2013Image.pdf
Government Lawyer ConflictsMartin ColeSeptember 2013Image.pdf
Disciplinary RecidivismMartin ColeAugust 2013Image.pdf
Frivolous Litigation July 2013Martin ColeJuly 2013Image.pdf
Changing for the BetterMartin ColeMay/June 2013Image.pdf
Taxes and Lawyer DisciplineMartin ColeApril 2013Image.pdf
Summary of Public DisciplineMartin ColeMarch 2013Image.pdf
Summary of Admonitions 2013Martin ColeFebruary 2013Image.pdf
Cross-Border PracticeMartin ColeJanuary 2013Image.pdf
Politics, Ethics, and the BarMartin ColeDecember 2012Image.pdf
Judicial Election Rules UpheldMartin ColeNovember 2012Image.pdf
ABA Ethics 20-20 First ResultsMartin ColeOctober 2012Image.pdf
UPL by Suspended AttorneysMartin ColeSeptember 2012Image.pdf
How'd You Spend Your Summer VacationMartin ColeAugust 2012Image.pdf
Managing ExpectationsMartin ColeJuly 2012Image.pdf
Lawyers Board Panel ActionsMartin ColeMay June 2012Image.pdf
Disclosing Confidential InformationMartin ColeApril 2012Image.pdf
Transparency in GovernmentMartin ColeMarch 2012Image.pdf
Summary of Admonitions 2012Martin ColeFebruary 2012Image.pdf
Look and LearnMartin ColeJanuary 2012Image.pdf
Opportunity (and Obligation) KnocksJudith M. RushDecember 2011Image.pdf
Scripting Contacts with Represented PersonsMartin ColeNovember 2011Image.pdf
OLPR Investigation ProceduresMartin ColeOctober 2011Image.pdf
Client Security BoardMartin ColeSeptember 2011Image.pdf
CompromiseMartinColeAugust 2011Image.pdf
Three Rules of Professional ConductMartin ColeJuly 2011Image.pdf
Professional Ethics and Elimination of BiasMartin ColeMay June 2011Image.pdf
Ethics Issues in ADR PracticeMartin ColeApril 2011Image.pdf
Fee DisputesMartin ColeMarch 2011Image.pdf
Summary of Admonitions 2011Martin ColeFebruary 2011Image.pdf
Life Begins at 40Martin ColeJanuary 2011Image.pdf
Keeping Up With the NeighborsMartin ColeDecember 2010Image.pdf
Complainant AppealsMartin ColeNovember 2010Image.pdf
Direct Adversity ConflictsMartin ColeOctober 2010Image.pdf
To Protect and DeterMartin ColeSeptember 2010Image.pdf
Suspended HiredMartin A. ColeAugust 2010Image.pdf
Time is MoneyMartin A. ColeJuly 2010Image.pdf
Update on Law Firm DeparturesMartin A. ColeMay/June 2010Image.pdf
Succession Planning and TrusteeshipsMartin A. ColeApril 2010Image.pdf
OLPR Resources on the WebTimothy M. BurkeMarch 2010Image.pdf
Summary of Admonitions 2010Martin A. ColeFebruary 2010Image.pdf
20-20 VisionKent GernanderJanuary 2010Image.pdf
Our Collective ResponsibilityMartin A. ColeDecember 2009Image.pdf
OpinionatedMartin A. ColeNovember 2009Image.pdf
Lawyer CriminalsMartin A. ColeOctober 2009Image.pdf
Advisory Opinion SamplerMartin A. ColeSeptember 2009Image.pdf
55 Ways to Lose your LicenseMartin A. ColeAugust 2009Image.pdf
Do Hard Times Yield Bad EthicsMartin A. ColeJuly 2009Image.pdf
New Rules GaloreMartin A. ColeMay June 2009Image.pdf
Summary of Admonitions 2009Martin A. ColeApril 2009Image.pdf
Lawyers Board Proposes Opinion No. 20Martin A. ColeMarch 2009Image.pdf
Nonrefundable Retainers and Other OxymoronsKent A. GernanderFebruary 2009Image.pdf
CharacterMartin A. ColeDecember 2008Image.pdf
The Value of Private DisciplineMartin A. ColeNovember 2008Image.pdf
Law Firm Hiring and ScreeningMartin A. ColeOctober 2008Image.pdf
Reinstatement DeniedMartin A. ColeSeptember 2008Image.pdf
Access to the Disciplinary SystemMartin A. ColeAugust 2008Image.pdf
Supreme Court Advisory Committee ReportMartin A. ColeJuly 2008Image.pdf
Advertising- The Song That Never EndsMartin A. ColeMay June 2008Image.pdf
Growing Old TogetherMartin A. ColeApril 2008Image.pdf
Summary of Admonitions 2008Martin A. ColeMarch 2008Image.pdf
Hello, GoodbyeMartin A. ColeFebruary 2008Image.pdf
The Myth of Solo and Small Firm-BiasMartin ColeDecember 2007Image.pdf
We Are Not AloneMartin A. ColeNovember 2007Image.pdf
Mandatory Ethics CLEMartin A. ColeOctober 2007Image.pdf
A Lawyer ShallMartin A. ColeSeptember 2007Image.pdf
The Hardiest PerennialsMartin A. ColeAugust 2007Image.pdf
Mentors, Supervisors and Professional ResponsibilityMartin A. ColeJuly 2007Image.pdf
Health CheckMartin A. ColeMay June 2007Image.pdf
Trust Account RecordkeepingMartin A. ColeApril 2007Image.pdf
Summary of Admonitions 2007Martin A. ColeMarch 2007Image.pdf
Friends and FamilyMartin A. ColeFebruary 2007Image.pdf
Year in Review Opinions Rules and StatisticsMartin A. ColeDecember 2006Image.pdf
What We Don't DoMartin A. ColeNovember 2006Image.pdf
Comparing Discipline Apples to OrangesMartin A. ColeOctober 2006Image.pdf
The Rules and Pro BonoPatrick R. BurnsSeptember 2006Image.pdf
The Ethics Rules-  Lost and FoundMartin A. ColeAugust 2006Image.pdf
e-AdviceMartin A. ColeJuly 2006Image.pdf
If It Ain't BrokeMartin A. ColeMay June 2006Image.pdf
Overdraft NotificationBetty M. ShawApril 2006Image.pdf
Summary of AdmonitionsBetty M. ShawMarch 2006Image.pdf
What Works Well and WhyKent A. Gernander and Chuck LundbergFebruary 2006Image.pdf
I've Had a Good RunKenneth L. JorgensenDecember 2005Image.pdf
In-House Counsel and Unauthorized PracticeKenneth L. Jorgensen and Margaret Fuller CorneilleNovember 2005Image.pdf
New Directions in Professional Conduct-  The Devil is in the DetailsKenneth L. Jorgensen and William J. WernzSeptember 2005Image.pdf
Prior Discipline Aggravates Current MisconductMartin A. ColeAugust 2005Image.pdf
Statistics, StatisticsKenneth L. JorgensenJuly 2005Image.pdf
Inexperienced and SoloKenneth L. JorgensenMay June 2005Image.pdf
Strange but True-  Lawyer Discipline Cases ElsewhereKenneth L. JorgensenApril 2005Image.pdf
Investigation Ethics-The Hennepin LawyerWilliam J. WernzMarch/April 2005
Summary of Admonitions 2005Kenneth L. JorgensenMarch 2005Image.pdf
When a Friend or Relative Pays the Client's Legal FeeKenneth L. JorgensenFebruary 2005Image.pdf
File Retention Policies and RequirementsKenneth L. JorgensenDecember 2004Image.pdf
Winding Down, Closing Up or Selling OutBetty M. ShawNovember 2004Image.pdf
Advisory Opinion SamplingsKenneth L. JorgensenOctober 2004Image.pdf
In-Person Solicitation-  Not for LawyersKenneth L. JorgensenSeptember 2004Image.pdf
Counsel for the Organization- Employee ConflictsKenneth L. JorgensenAugust 2004Image.pdf
More Than Just Lawyer DisciplineKenneth L. JorgensenJuly 2004Image.pdf
PreSettlement Funding Agreements- Benefit or BurdenKenneth L. JorgensenMay June 2004Image.pdf
Summary of Admonitions 2004Kenneth L. JorgensenApril 2004Image.pdf
Integrity-  That Initial CompromiseKenneth L. JorgensenMarch 2004Image.pdf
In Pursuit of Ethical LawyeringCharles E. LundbergFebruary 2004Image.pdf
Truth or ConsequencesMartin A. ColeDecember 2003Image.pdf
Limiting Exposure To Complaints And DisciplineKenneth L. JorgensenNovember 2003Image.pdf
Ethical Responsibilities for an Impaired PartnerKenneth L. JorgensenOctober 2003Image.pdf
Self-Reporting Malpractice or Ethics ProblemsCharles E. LundbergSeptember 2003
When a Beneficiary Asks You to Draft a WillKenneth L. JorgensenSeptember 2003Image.pdf
Ethics Advisory OpinionsKenneth L. JorgensenAugust 2003Image.pdf
Conflicts and Prospective Client ConsultationsKenneth L. JorgensenJuly 2003Image.pdf
Repeal of Homestead Lien Ethics OpinionKenneth L. JorgensenMay June 2003Image.pdf
Summary of Admonitions 2003Kenneth L. JorgensenApril 2003Image.pdf
Where Do We Go From HereKenneth L. JorgensenMarch 2003Image.pdf
Making Private Discipline a Public MatterCharles E. LundbergFebruary 2003Image.pdf
When Malpractice is an Ethics IssueMartin A. ColeDecember 2002Image.pdf
Opinions of the Lawyers BoardCharles B. BatemanNovember 2002Image.pdf
Recent Developments At The Lawyers BoardCharles E. LundbergOctober 2002Image.pdf
Reflections on Being DirectorEdward J. ClearySeptember 2002Image.pdf
The Role of Probation in the Disciplinary SystemBetty M. ShawAugust 2002Image.pdf
AccountabilityEdward J. ClearyJuly 2002Image.pdf
The Lawyers Who Cost You MoneyEdward J. ClearyMay June 2002Image.pdf
Lessons for Lawyers From the Enron DebacleEdward J. ClearyApril 2002Image.pdf
Summary of Admonitions 2002Edward J. ClearyMarch 2002Image.pdf
Republican Party, et al. v. Kelly, et al. U.S. Supreme Court Docket No. 01-521Edward J. ClearyFebruary 2002Image.pdf
Revealing Client ConfidencesEdward J. ClearyDecember 2001Image.pdf
Guardians of LibertyEdward J. ClearyNovember 2001Image.pdf
Multidisciplinary Practice- Minnesota Moves ForwardEdward J. ClearyOctober 2001Image.pdf
Ethics 2001- More Proposed ChangesEdward J. ClearySeptember 2001Image.pdf
Ethics 2001- The Rules Take ShapeEdward J. ClearyAugust 2001Image.pdf
Client Security- Can We Do Even MoreMartin A. ColeJuly 2001Image.pdf
Ethics and the Board- The Court Draws The LineEdward J. ClearyMay June 2001Image.pdf
Hello, Goodbye- Changes at the Lawyers BoardEdward J. ClearyApril 2001Image.pdf
Summary of Admonitions 2001Edward J. ClearyMarch 2001Image.pdf
Accountability or Overkill- Disciplining Private BehaviorEdward J. ClearyFebruary 2001Image.pdf
Forming The Attorney-Client RelationshipEdward J. ClearyDecember 2000Image.pdf
Noncooperation -- Making a Bad Situation WorseEdward J. ClearyNovember 2000Image.pdf
Crossing State Lines- Multijurisdictional PracticeEdward J. ClearyOctober 2000Image.pdf
Multidisciplinary Practice- One Year LaterEdward J. ClearySeptember 2000Image.pdf
In Re Unprofessional Conduct of William J. ClintonCraig D. KlausingAugust 2000Image.pdf
Regulating Contingent Fees in No-Fault CasesKenneth L. JorgensenJuly 2000Image.pdf
When the Lawyer Takes a StakeEdward J. ClearyMay June 2000Image.pdf
Advising the Business Client and Avoiding TroubleEdward J. ClearyApril 2000Image.pdf
Summary of Admonitions 2000Edward J. ClearyMarch 2000Image.pdf
Ethics 2000- A PreviewEdward J. ClearyFebruary 2000Image.pdf
Two Decisions, Two LessonsEdward J. ClearyDecember 1999Image.pdf
Withdrawing As CounselEdward J. ClearyNovember 1999Image.pdf
Professionalism- More Than CivilityEdward J. ClearyOctober 1999Image.pdf
Multidisciplinary Practice and Professional IndependenceEdward J. ClearySeptember 1999Image.pdf
A Lawyers Assistance Program and The Disciplinary ProcessEdward J. ClearyAugust 1999Image.pdf
The Lawyer Discipline System- What's ThatTimothy M. BurkeJuly 1999Image.pdf
Privacy Rights and Ethical ProvisionsEdward J. ClearyJune 1999Image.pdf
Summary of Admonitions 1999Edward J. ClearyMarch 1999Image.pdf
Trial Publicity- Lawyers and the MediaEdward J. ClearyFebruary 1999Image.pdf
Deconstructing DisbarmentsEdward J. ClearyNovember December 1998Image.pdf
New Laws for LawyersEdward J. ClearyOctober 1998Image.pdf
The Use and Abuse of the Attorney Client PrivilegeEdward J. ClearySeptember 1998Image.pdf
Disability and Death- Ethical Concerns When Tragedy StrikesEdward J. ClearyAugust 1998Image.pdf
CyberEthicsEric T. CoopersteinJuly 1998Image.pdf
The Obligation to Report and Retaliatory Ethics ComplaintsEdward J. ClearyApril 1998Image.pdf
Summary of Admonitions 1998Edward J. ClearyMarch 1998Image.pdf
Free Speech, Civility and HarassmentEdward J. ClearyFebruary 1998Image.pdf
A Lawyer's RoleEdward J. ClearyDecember 1997Image.pdf
Coming in From The Cold- Suspension and ReinstatementEdward J. ClearyNovember 1997Image.pdf
Lawyer Liability for the Acts of Fiduciary Clients (Magic, Journal of the Minn. Assoc. for Guardianship and ConservatorKenneth L. JorgensenNovember 1997
A Look Back, A Look AheadEdward J. ClearyOctober 1997Image.pdf
At Odds With Your ClientMartin A. ColeSeptember 1997Image.pdf
When Firms Break UpKenneth L. JorgensenAugust 1997Image.pdf
Honoring Financial ObligationsKenneth L. JorgensenJuly 1997Image.pdf
A Decade of SecurityMartin A. ColeMay June 1997Image.pdf
Sanctions- Protection or PunishmentMarcia A. JohnsonApril 1997Image.pdf
1996 AdmonitionsMarcia A. JohnsonMarch 1997Image.pdf
Back to BasicsMarcia A. JohnsonFebruary 1997Image.pdf
Secret Recordings of ConversationsMarcia A. JohnsonNovember December 1996
Musings on Non-CooperationMarcia A. JohnsonOctober 1996
Failure to Pay Child Support (New Rule 30, Rules on Lawyers Professional Responsibility.)Marcia A. JohnsonSeptember 1996
Paying Attention to 'Details'Marcia A. JohnsonAugust 1996
Ethics Assistance via Technology (Using Quicken® software to maintain trust account books and records-Lawyers Board homKenneth L. JorgensenJuly 1996
The More Things Change (25TH Anniversary Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board 1971-1996)Marcia A. JohnsonMay June 1996
'Recalibrating' Attorney DisciplineCharles E. LundbergApril 1996
Conflict Admonitions 1995Marcia A. JohnsonMarch 1996
Lawyer Advertising 1996Marcia A. JohnsonFeb. 1996
More Dollars and Sense (Contingent, referral and non-refundable fees)Marcia A. JohnsonDec. 1995
Dollars and Sense (Reasonableness of fee, explanation of fees to client, interest on unpaid fees and pilot mandatory feMarcia A. JohnsonNovember 1995
Lawyer Ethics and Money Matters (MN Trial Lawyer) (Fees, fee splitting, referral fees, interest on fees and advancing cMartin A. ColeFall 1995
Voluntary Pro Bono Legal ServicesPatrick R. BurnsOctober 1995
The Disciplinary System and the Public (Rights of complainants)Marcia A. JohnsonSeptember 1995
Borrowing and Lending with ClientsMarcia A. JohnsonAugust 1995
Mediation, Arbitration, and Consumer Satisfaction (Pilot mediation and mandatory fee arbitration programs)Marcia A. JohnsonJuly 1995Image.pdf
Trust Account Overdrafts(OLPR trust account overdraft notification program)Kenneth L. JorgensenMay June 1995
Lawyer Advertising- The More Things Change . (MN Trial Lawyer)Martin A. ColeSpring 1995
New Faces, New Spaces Biographies of Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board members)Marcia A. JohnsonApril 1995
Summary of Admonitions (Summaries of selected cases of misconduct for which a lawyer received an admonition) 1995Marcia A. JohnsonMarch 1995
Regulation of Lawyer AdvertisingCharles E. LundbergFeb. 1995
Responsibility for Others Redux Supervision of lawyers and non lawyersMarcia A. JohnsonDecember 1994
Ethics at the MoviesMarcia A. JohnsonNovember 1994
Duplicity In Discovery (Rectifying a client's lie to a to a tribunal)Marcia A. JohnsonOctober 1994
Client Security Board Update (Overview of Client Security Fund and Client Security Board)Marcia A. JohnsonSeptember 1994
No Sex, Please, With ClientsMarcia A. JohnsonAugust 1994
Giving a Colleague a Hand (Probation as a disciplinary disposition)Betty M. ShawMay June 1994
'Uncivil' Practice (Respect for rights of third persons) persons)Marcia A. JohnsonApril 1994
Attorney Ethics and Living Trusts (Responsibility of attorneys involved with living trusts)Marcia A. JohnsonMarch 1994
Summary of Admonitions (Summaries of selected cases of misconduct for which a lawyer received an admonition) 1994Marcia A. JohnsonFebruary 1994
Foundations of Lawyer Ethics (Historical development of regulations governing attorneys)Marcia A. JohnsonDecember 1993
Rule 18- A Second Chance (Reinstatement of suspended and disbarred attorneys to the practice of law)Marcia A. JohnsonNovember 1993
Advisory Opinion Service Update (Duty to disclose controlling adverse legal authority, conflict of interest, unclaimedMarcia A. JohnsonOctober 1993
Lawyers and Illicit Drugs (Discipline for possession or sale of illegal drugs)Marcia A. JohnsonSeptember 1993
Opinion 17- Who Gets the Toaster (Gratuities from court reporters and similar vendors)Marcia A. JohnsonAugust 1993
I Wrote This Article Myself (Plagiarism and lawyer discipline)Martin A. ColeJuly 1993
Interest on Attorneys FeesMarcia A. JohnsonMay June1993
Rectification of Client FraudMarcia A. JohnsonApril 1993
Ethics Opinions and the CourtsMarcia A. JohnsonMarch 1993
Summary of Admonitions (Summaries of selected cases of misconduct for which a lawyer received an admonition)Marcia A. JohnsonFebruary 1993
Changes at the Lawyers BoardMarcia A. JohnsonDecember 1992
Duties to Third Parties (analysis of Rule 4.3)William J. WernzMay June 1992
First Person ValedictionWilliam J. WernzApril 1992
Client Security- Hindsight and Foresight (Minnesota Client Security Fund overview)William J. WernzMarch 1992
ABA Proposals for Change (ABA proposals regarding openness of lawyer discipline systems, random trust account audits, aWilliam J. WernzFebruary 1992
PotpourriWilliam J. WernzJanuary 1992
Overdraft Notice Program (Overview of trust account overdraft notice program)William J. WernzDecember 1991
Opinion 15- Retainer FeesWilliam J. WernzNovember 1991
Free Speech v. Fair Trial (Out-of-court statements)William J. WernzOctober 1991
ABA Commission Recommends ChangesWilliam J. WernzAugust 1991
Contacting Represented Parties- Ethic ConsiderationsWilliam J. Wernz and Wendy Willson LeggeSummer 1991(Minnesota Trial Lawyer)
Uncovering Pitfalls (Summary of selected professional responsibility issues)William J. WernzMay June 1991
Picking Up the Pieces (Trusteeships under Rule 27, Rules on Lawyers Professional Responsibility)William J. WernzApril 1991
Interest and Late Charges- How to Charge ClientsJohn YilekMarch 1991
National Roundup (Recent developments in other jurisdictions)William J. WernzMarch 1991
Summary of Admonitions (Summaries of selected cases of misconduct for which a lawyer received an admonition) 1991William J. WernzFebruary 1991
Access to Discipline FilesWilliam J. WernzJanuary 1991
Free Speech, False Allegation (False statements about judges)William J. WernzDecember 1990
Proposed Procedural Change (Proposed changes to lawyer discipline procedure)William J. WernzNovember 1990
Trust Account Overdraft Notice RuleWilliam J. WernzOctober 1990
Attorney Liens on HomesteadsWilliam J. WernzAugust 1990
Pro Se or Anti Se (Attorneys who represent themselves)William J. WernzJuly 1990
Ethics Opinions (Answers to common professional responsibility questions)William J. WernzMay June 1990
Lawyers' and Doctors' DisciplineWilliam J. WernzApril 1990
Summary of Admonitions (Summaries of selected cases of misconduct for which a lawyer received an admonition) 1990William J. WernzMarch 1990
Old Times, New RulesWilliam J. WernzFebruary 1990
The Dishonest ProcrastinatorWilliam J. WernzJanuary 1990
Taking Care of Business (Compliance with attorney registration fee and continuing legal education requirements)William J. WernzDecember 1989
Amending the RulesWilliam J. WernzNovember 1989
Special Section LPRB OpinionsWilliam J. WernzNovember 1989
Interest on Attorneys Fees 1989William J. WernzOctober 1989
Opinion 13- Copying Costs (Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board Opinion No. 13)William J. WernzAugust 1989
Client Security Board ReportWilliam J. WernzJuly 1989
Trust Account BrochureWilliam J. WernzMay June 1989
Gulling Murderers and Unrepresented Parties (Dealing with unrepresented parties)William J. WernzApril 1989
Summary of Admonitions (Summaries of selected cases of misconduct for which a lawyer received an admonition) 1989William J. WernzMarch 1989
Lawyers Board Panel ManualWilliam J. WernzFebruary 1989
Changes, Changes (Changes in the Rules on Lawyers Professional Responsibility)William J. WernzJanuary 1989
To Report or Not to Report (Duty to report attorney misconduct)William J. WernzDecember 1988
Overdraft Notice RuleWilliam J. WernzNovember 1988
Sexual Harassment and DisciplineWilliam J. WernzOctober 1988
Psychological Problems and DisciplineWilliam J. WernzAugust 1988
Million Dollar BudgetWilliam J. WernzJuly 1988
Summary of Admonitions (Summaries of selected cases of misconduct for which a lawyer received an admonition) 1988William J. WernzMay June 1988
Of Typhoid Mary, Chinese Walls, Etc. (Imputed conflicts of interest)William J. WernzApril 1988
Questions of Respect and Obstruction (Lawyers' statements about judges)William J. WernzMarch 1988
Complaints Against Lawyers DeclineWilliam J. WernzJan. Feb. 1988
Communication With Represented Parties 1987William J. WernzDecember 1987
Threatening to Present Criminal Charges (Threatening to present criminal charges to gain an advantage in civil litigatiWilliam J. WernzNovember 1987
The Law of Lawyering (Resources for researching professional responsibility law)William J. WernzOctober 1987
Annual Report HighlightsWilliam J. WernzAugust 1987
Further Amendments to the Rules (Changes to the Rules on Lawyers Professional Responsibility)William J. WernzJuly 1987
Summary Dismissal GuidelinesWilliam J. WernzMay June 1987
Probation as a Disciplinary DispositionWilliam J. WernzApril 1987
Summary of Admonition (Summaries of selected cases of misconduct for which a lawyer received an admonition)William J. WernzMarch 1987
The Constitution, Dignity, and Direct-Mail (Direct mail solicitation of potential clients.)William J. WernzFebruary 1987
Judging the Professional Responsibility SystemWilliam J. WernzJanuary 1987
Attorneys and Tax ObligationsWilliam J. WernzDecember 1986
Palm Tree Justice and the ABA Standards (ABA Standards for Imposing Lawyer Sanctions)William J. WernzNovember 1986
Perjury, Forgery and FabricationWilliam J. WernzOctober 1986
Amendments to the Rules (Amendments to the Rules on Lawyers Professional Responsibility)William J. WernzAugust 1986
Advisory Opinion Service (Summaries of opinions on recurrent or interesting matters)William J. WernzJuly 1986
Client Perjury- An Old 'Trilemma'William J. WernzMay June 1986
Lawyers' Responsibilities for Each OtherWilliam J. WernzApril 1986
Summary of Admonitions (Summaries of selected cases of misconduct for which a lawyer received an admonition) 1986William J. WernzMarch 1986
People in the Ethics SystemWilliam J. WernzFebruary 1986
From Character to Competence (Introduction to Minnesota Rules of Professional Conduct)William J. WernzJanuary 1986
Plaintiff's Personal Injury PracticeWilliam J. WernzJanuary 1986
On Doing the Job Ourselves (Lawyer self-regulation)William J. WernzNovember 1985
Report on Use of Added ResourcesMichael J. HooverApril 1985
Attorney Self-DealingMichael J. HooverMarch 1985
What a Lawyer May Say to the MediaMichael J. HooverFebruary 1985
Responsibility Board OpinionsMichael J. HooverJanuary 1985
Myths Concerning the BoardMichael J. HooverNovember 1984
Advisory Opinion Service ExpandedMichael J. HooverOctober 1984
Affidavit Testimony in Dissolution CaseMichael J. HooverJuly 1984
Summary of Admonitions (Summaries of selected cases of misconduct for which a lawyer received an admonition) 1984Michael J. HooverMay June 1984
Informal Advisory Ethics OpinionsMichael J. HooverApril 1984
Ethics Complaints DeclineMichael J. HooverMarch 1984
Lawyers Board Serves the Bar (Services provided by the Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board to members of the bar)Michael J. HooverFebruary 1984
Examination Under OathHerr/HaugenJanuary 1984
Lawyers Board Approves Media Release PolicyMichael J. HooverJanuary 1984
Threatening to File an Ethics Complaint May Constitute Unethical ConductMichael J. HooverDecember 1983
What is a Client Entitled to Receive Upon Conclusion of the RepresentationMichael J. HooverNovember 1983
Opinion No. 9- Maintenance of Books and RecordsMichael J. HooverOctober 1983
Expunction of Dismissed ComplaintsMichael J. HooverSeptember 1983
Opinion No. 12- Trust Account SignatoriesMichael J. HooverJuly 1983
Summary of Informal Advisory Ethics OpinionsMichael J. HooverMay June 1983
Entertainment of Judges and Other Public OfficialsMichael J. HooverApril 1983
Opinion No. 7 Repealed by the LPRBMichael J. HooverMarch 1983
Clients Sued by Attorneys Over FeesMichael J. HooverFebruary 1983
Reflection and ResolutionMichael J. HooverJanuary 1983
Lawyer Advertising -- Percentage Discounts on FeesMichael J. HooverDecember 1982
Attorneys Liens on HomesteadsMichael J. HooverNovember 1982
Partial Resumption of Advisory Opinion Service on an Experimental BasisMichael J. HooverOctober 1982
Report . Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board (Summarize RLPR Amendments)Michael J. HooverSeptember 1982
Report . Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board (Statistics Regarding Complaints)Michael J. HooverJuly 1982
Lawyers Professional Responsibility and the PublicMichael J. HooverApril 1982
Attorney Advertising is Here to StayMichael J. HooverMarch 1982 (INTERIM)
Many Ethics Complaints are Completely AvoidableMichael J. HooverFebruary 1982
Avoidance of Proprietary Interests in LitigationMichael J. HooverDecember 1981
Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board Amendment to Rules 11 15 and 18 New Rules 25 26 and 27Michael J. HooverNovember 1981 (INTERIM)
Attorney as Escrow AgentMichael J. HooverOctober 1981
Report . Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board (General Report)Michael J. HooverSeptember 28, 1981 (Interim)
Report . Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board (Interest on Attorney's Fees)Michael J. HooverJuly 1981 (Interim)
Report .Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board  (1980 1980 Panel Actions and Warnings Issued )Michael J. HooverMay June 1981
Report . Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board (ABA Evaluation; Complaints Rise; Informal Ethics Opinions)Michael J. HooverApril 1981
LPRB Not a Collection Agency (Opinions No. 7 and No. 11)Michael J. HooverMarch 1981
Opinions -- Lawyers BoardOpinionsFebruary 1981
The Name 'Law Firm' Must Mean Just ThatMichael J. HooverFebruary 1981
Professional ResponsibilityMichael J. HooverJanuary 1981
General Practice - Legal Malpractice in Light of Togstad - Liability for Curbstone OpinionsMichael J. HooverNovember 1980
Report . Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board (Estate Planning - Lawyer's Personal Interests)Michael J. HooverNovember 1980
Report . Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board (DR 1-103, MCPR, Reporting Code Violations)Michael J. HooverOctober 1980
Report . Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board (Comparative Study of Disciplinary Agency Costs)Michael J. HooverSeptember 1980
Lawyer Advertising 1980Michael J. HooverJuly August 1980
Report . Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board (1979 Panel Actions and Warnings)Michael J. HooverApril 1980
Report . Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board (Representation in Dissolution Cases)Michael J. HooverMarch 1980
Report . Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board (ABA Model Rules; DEC)Michael J. HooverFebruary 1980
Report . Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board (Interest Charges on Attorney's Fees)Michael J. HooverJanuary 1980
Report .Lawyers Professional Responsibility (Amended Opinion No. 7; Opinion No. 11- Retaining Liens are Impermissible)Michael J. HooverDecember 1979
Report .Lawyers Professional Responsibility (Division of Fees- DR 2-107(A), DR 6-101(A)(1))Michael J. HooverNovember 1979
Report . Lawyers Professional Responsibility (Client Neglect)Michael J. HooverOctober 1979
Report .Lawyers Professional Responsibility (Fee Disputes- MCPR and Opinion No. 4)Michael J. HooverSeptember 1979
Report .Lawyers Professional Responsibility (Attorney Financial Obligations)Michael J. HooverJuly 1979
Report .Lawyers Professional Responsibility (General Report)Michael J. HooverApril 1979
Report .Lawyers Professional Responsibility (Michael Hoover Appointed LPRB Director)Gerald MagnusonMarch 1979
Report .Lawyers Professional Responsibility (Farewell to R. Walt Bachman, Jr.)Jim Keeler, EditorFebruary 1979
Some Answers to Questions About Lawyer AdvertisingR. Walter Bachman, Jr.December 1978
Lawyers and GiftsR. Walter Bachman, Jr.November 1978
A Fond Farewell to Dan G. Heely and a Warm Welcome to Michael J. HooverR. Walter Bachman, Jr.September 1978
Trust Accounts Some Frequently Asked QuestionsR. Walter Bachman, Jr.August 1978
Lay Members of Prof. Resp. Board Make Excellent ContributionsR. Walter Bachman, Jr.July 1978
Report Lawyers Prof. Responsibility Board (Common Questions Posed by Clients)R. Walter Bachman, Jr.April 1978
Report Lawyers Prof. Responsibility Board (Dissolution -- Conflict of Interest Questions)R. Walter Bachman, Jr.March 1978
Report Lawyers Prof. Responsibility Board (Warnings Issued in 1977)R. Walter Bachman, Jr.February 1978
Report Lawyers Prof Responsibility Board General ReviewR. Walter Bachman, Jr.January 1978
Check With LPRB Staff on Legal Ethics QuestionsR. Walter Bachman, Jr.December 1977
Report . Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board (Partnerships or Office-Sharing)R. Walter Bachman, Jr.November 1977
Report . Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board (The Chemically Dependent Lawyer)R. Walter Bachman, Jr.October 1977
Report . Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board (Summary of Warning Categories)R. Walter Bachman, Jr.September 1977
Report . Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board (Opinion No. 10 Debt Collection Procedures)R. Walter Bachman, Jr.July 1977
Report . Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board (Types and Number of Ethics Complaints Received -- September 1, 1976R. Walter Bachman, Jr.April 1977
Report . Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board (The Ten Most-Asked Legal Ethics Questions)R. Walter Bachman, Jr.March 1977
Report . Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board (New Rule 8(c)(2) -- Private Warning)R. Walter Bachman, Jr.February 1977
Report . Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board (Significant Amendments to RLPR)R. Walter Bachman, Jr.January 1977
Report . Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board (Private Reprimand Issues)R. Walter Bachman, Jr.December 1976
Report . Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board (Trust Accounts and Attorneys' Books and Records)R. Walter Bachman, Jr.November 1976
Report . Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board (General Comments re Board Activities)R. Walter Bachman, Jr.September October 1976
Proposed Amendments to RLPRRulesMay June 1976
Code Amendments to EC 2-33Gerald RegnierFebruary 1976
Professional Responsibility and Discipline (A Lay Person's Report Executive Editor)John FinneganJanuary 1976
Professional Responsibility and Discipline (Farewell as Administrative Director of State Board of Prof. Responsibility)Henry W. McCarrDecember 1975
Professional Responsibility and Discipline (The First Month A Learning Experience)Henry W. McCarrNovember 1975
Meet Harry McCarr, Director State Board of Professional ResponsibilityGerald RegnierOctober 1975
Professional Responsibility and Discipline (Broken Promises)R. Paul SharoodSeptember 1975
Professional Responsibility and Discipline (The Broken Record)R. Paul SharoodApril 1975
Professional Responsibility and Discipline (Financial Statement for 1974)R. Paul SharoodMarch 1975
Professional Responsibility and Discipline (Professional Responsibility and Discipline Law Office Management)R. Paul SharoodDecember 1974
Professional Responsibility and Discipline (Tomorrow Never Comes)R. Paul SharoodOctober 1974
Professional Responsibility and Discipline (Dilatory Practice re Probate of Estates)R. Paul SharoodSeptember 1974
Board Opinions 6, 7 and 8-(Defense of Criminal Cases by Municipal Attorneys; Indebtedness Incurred for Professional SerR. Paul Sharood and Kenneth M. AndersonJuly 1974
Board Opinion No. 5 (Fee Arbitration)R. Paul SharoodApril 1974
Professional Responsibility Initial ReportR. Paul SharoodMarch 1974
Professional Responsibility and Discipline (Financial Statement for 1973)Richey B. ReavillFebruary 1974
Professional Responsibility and Discipline (Farewell)Richey B. ReavillJanuary 1974
Professional Responsibility and Discipline (Professional Corporation Reports)Richey B. ReavillDecember 1973
Professional Responsibility and Discipline (Opinion No. 4- Fee Disputes)Ken Anderson Richey B. ReavillNovember 1973
Professional Responsibility and Discipline (Provisions of MCPR)Richey B. ReavillSeptember 1973
Professional Responsibility and Discipline (General Report)Richey B. ReavillJuly 1973
Professional Responsibility and Discipline (Arbitration of Fee Disputes)Richey B. ReavillApril 1973
Professional Responsibility and Discipline (Financial Statement for 1972)Richey B. ReavillMarch 1973
Professional Responsibility and Discipline (Cooperation with Disciplinary Agencies)Richey B. ReavillFebruary 1973
Professional Responsibility and Discipline (New Year's Resolutions)Richey B. ReavillJanuary 1973
Professional Responsibility and Discipline (Communication; Opinion No. 3)Richey B. ReavillDecember 1972
Professional Responsibility and Discipline (Miscellany; Opinions No. 1 and 2)Richey B. ReavillNovember 1972
Professional Responsibility and Discipline (Communicate!)Richey B. ReavillOctober 1972
Professional Responsibility and Discipline (Warning to File Income Tax Returns)Richey B. ReavillSeptember 1972
Professional Responsibility and Discipline (Financial Statement for 1971)Richey B. ReavillApril 1972
Professional Responsibility and Discipline (More About Neglect)Richey B. ReavillMarch 1972
Professional Responsibility and Discipline (Progress Report)Richey B. ReavillFebruary 1972
Professional Responsibility and Discipline (District Ethics Committees)Richey B. ReavillJanuary 1972
Professional Responsibility and Discipline - Fee DisputesRichey B. ReavillDecember 1971
Professional Responsibility and Discipline - A Pledge-NondisclosureRichey B. ReavillNovember 1971
Professional Responsibility and Discipline - A Warning-Neglect of ClientRichey B. ReavillOctober 1971
Professional Responsibility and Discipline - Income Tax ViolationsRichey B. ReavillSeptember 1971
Application of the Code of Professional ResponsibilityEdward L. WrightJuly 1971
Commentary on Areas of Inquiry and Complaint Inquiry and ComplaintGeorge R. RamierFebruary 1971