​​​​​​​​Minnesota Disbarred and Currently Suspended Lawyers

Last updated July 10, 2024.

The following lawyers were disbarred or suspended from the practice of law in Minnesota after January 1, 1985, and have not been reinstated to the practice of law by the Minnesota Supreme Court.

This list does not include lawyers who were suspended for disciplinary violations but have been reinstated to practice. It also does not include the names of:

  • lawyers who have received Supreme Court reprimands or probation;
  • lawyers who may have been administratively suspended for failing to pay the annual lawyer registration (license) fee;
  • lawyers who are not authorized to practice due to failure to comply with Minnesota's Continuing Legal Education requirements;
  • lawyers who have resigned from the bar and are no longer authorized to practice; or
  • lawyers who have been transferred to disability inactive status due to a physical condition, mental illness, or chemical dependency problem that prevents them from competently representing clients.

The above information and public decision record of a lawyer may be found on this website.  Return to the home page.  Click on "Lawyer Search: Public Decision Record."  Enter a lawyer's last name.  A list of lawyers will appear indicating if they are authorized to practice in Minnesota and if they have a public decision.  If they are not authorized, it will state the reason.  Click on the lawyer you are inquiring about.  If the lawyer has a public decision, there should be a link to the Supreme Court order or opinion.

The Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility cannot disclose information about a lawyer's private discipline record without first obtaining a written release from the lawyer; nor can any information about dismissed complaints be disclosed.

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