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Lawyer Well-Being - Sleep (Part 2)Robin M. Wolpert3/21/2019
Lawyer Well-Being, Sleep-an amazing breakthrough for lawyersRobin M. Wolpert3/5/2019
Recent Changes to Trust Account Books and Records RequirementsCassie Hanson8/3/2015
What Conduct is Prejudicial to the Administration of JusticeKevin T. Slator7/6/2015
Conflicts - AgainTimothy M. Burke5/25/2015
Ethics Opinion No. 23 and Medicinal MarijuanaSiama Y. Chaudhary5/4/2015
Court Amends Rules of Professional ConductJoshua H. Brand4/6/2015
Responsibility for the Conduct of OthersCraig D. Klausing3/2/2015
An Overview of the Disciplinary ProcessSiama Y. Chaudhary2/2/2015
What is Your Current AddressJulie E. Bennett1/5/2015
A Little Professional Civility May Go a Long WayMegan Engelhardt12/1/2014
Refunds of unearned flat feesPatrick R. Burns11/10/2014
Lying to a court comes with a price tagCassie Hanson10/6/2014
Highlights of petition to amend conduct rulesKevin T. Slator9/1/2014
Case Study Shows Settlement Terms Have MeaningTimothy M. Burke8/4/2014
When is an Availability Fee AppropriateSiama Y. Chaudhary7/7/2014
When to Bring Ink and Paper into a TransactionJoshua H. Brand6/2/2014
Office Uses Probation to Prevent MisconductCraig D. Klausing5/6/2014
Threatenting Criminal Prosecution in a Civil CaseJulie E. Bennett4/7/2014
Representing Both Driver, PassengerMegan Engelhardt3/3/2014
Changes Mulled for Rules of ConductPatrick R. Burns2/3/2014
Another Look at Notarization PracticesKevin T. Slator1/6/2014
Be careful using credit cards for feesCraig D. Klausing12/2/2013
Ethics Handling filing fees in bankruptcyJoshua Brand11/4/2013
Ethics What does of counsel meanRobin J. Crabb10/7/2013
Ethics Clients should be aware of social media pitfallsJoshua H. Brand9/2/2013
Heed rules when hiring disbarred lawyersSiama Y. Chaudhary8/5/2013
So, who gets the refundTimothy M. Burke7/1/2013
Rules of engagement-judges and ESMPatrick R. Burns6/3/2013
A reminder about letters of protectionMegan Engelhardt5/6/2013
Do you really want to send that friend requestJulie E. Bennett4/1/2013
ABA addresses foreign outsourcing of legal workCassie Hanson3/4/2013
Once again Identify your clientKevin T. Slator2/4/2013
New IRS section 6050W What it is, how it affects attorneysAmy Porter1/7/2013
The pitfalls of business transactions with clientsSiama Y. Chaudhary12/3/2012
Filing fees in bankruptcyJoshua H. Brand11/5/2012
The prohibition on sex with a clientRobin J. Crabb10/1/2012
When may and must confidential information be disclosedCraig D. Klausing9/3/2012
The trust account is overdrawnPatrick R. Burns8/6/2012
Communication is vital but can bring difficultiesMegan Engelhardt6/4/2012
Closing a practice, by the bookJulie E. Bennett5/7/2012
Director's Role in Conducting Disciplinary InvestigationsKevin T. Slator4/9/2012
How do you know that your bookkeeper is keeping accurate trust account recordsCassie Hanson3/5/2012
Confidentiality for Prospective ClientsSiama Y. Chaudhary2/6/2012
Cloud Computing Services - Cloud Storage (as submitted for publication to MN Lawyer)Joshua H. Brand1/1/2012
Dealing with an unrepresented personRobin J. Crabb12/5/2011
Check out North Carolina if 'Daily Deal' in your futureCraig D. Klausing11/7/2011
Limits on threats of criminal prosecutionPatrick R. Burns10/10/2011
Requirement to cooperate with director is just that - a requirementMegan Engelhardt9/5/2011
There may not be any there, thereJulie E. Bennett8/1/2011
Personal conduct can be unprofessional conductKevin Slator7/1/2011
Nonrefundable advance fees to become obsoleteCassie B. Hanson6/6/2011
Reinstatement after resignationTimothy M. Burke5/2/2011
Limitations on referrals under Rule 1.7Timothy M. Burke4/4/2011
Public perception and attorney advertisingJoshua H. Brand2/7/2011
The perils of holding client files hostageRobin J. Crabb1/3/2011
Correcting the record under Rule 3.3Craig D. Klausing12/13/2010
The basics of trust accountsPatrick R. Burns11/1/2010
Why you should care about metadataMegan Engelhardt10/11/2010
Beware of those selling bridgesJulie E. Bennett6/7/2010
Allocation of authority between client and lawyerKevin T. Slator5/3/2010
Improper statements in closing argumentCassie Hanson4/5/2010
Expunction of disciplinary filesTimothy M. Burke3/1/2010
Get ethicalSiama Y. Chaudhary2/4/2010
Tell the Truth, Even on Your ResumeRobin J. Crabb1/4/2010
It’s the steak, not the sizzle that countsCraig D. Klausing12/7/2009
Fee MiscellanyPatrick R. Burns11/2/2009
Three Ways to Avoiding ComplaintsMegan Engelhardt10/5/2009
You Do Not Represent the EstateJulie E. Bennett9/7/2009
Some Important Reminders for Professional FirmsKevin T. Slator8/3/2009
Something for Nothing - Not ReallyCassie Hanson7/6/2009
Even a Flat Fee Must be ReasonableTimothy M. Burke6/1/2009
Addressing the Need to CooperateSiama Y. Chaudhary5/4/2009
Identifying your clientRobin J. Crabb4/6/2009
Reporting the Misconduct of OthersCraig D. Klausing3/2/2009
Caution- Internet Scammers Targeting LawyersPatrick R. Burns2/2/2009
Three New Year's Resolutions to Make -- and KeepCraig D. Klausing1/5/2009
A Look at Limited Scope Legal AssistanceKevin T. Slator12/1/2008
Time For a Virtual RevolutionCassie Hanson11/3/2008
The Unique Responsibilities of Criminal ProsecutorsTimothy M. Burke10/6/2008
Whose Rules Apply When a Lawyer Crosses State LinesRobin J. Crabb9/1/2008
Lawyers Board Opinions and AppendixSiama Y. Chaudhary8/4/2008
When Suspension is a Good ThingJulie E. Bennett7/7/2008
Avoiding Conflicts in the Sale of Title Insurance to ClientsPatrick R. Burns6/2/2008
Self-Reporting MisconductJulie E. Bennett5/5/2008
When Does Zealous Advocacy Become ObstructionCassie Hanson4/7/2008
Truthfulness to Clients is a MustKevin T. Slator3/3/2008
Avoiding Problems When Terminating RepresentationTimothy M. Burke2/4/2008
The Rule Change that Changed NothingCraig D. Klausing1/7/2008
Clients and Credit CardsPatrick R. Burns12/3/2007
Lessons in Office SharingJulie E. Bennett11/5/2007
The 'Dishonest Procrastinator' Lives OnKevin T. Slator10/1/2007
Making Sure Your Firm's Website Complies With the RulesCassie Hanson9/3/2007
Don't Sue a Current Client for FeesTimothy M. Burke8/6/2007
Avoiding Conflicts of Interest When Changing FirmsCraig D. Klausing7/2/2007
Notarization of Signatures (orig. pub. 10-07-02)Patrick R. Burns6/4/2007
Nonrefundable Retainers - When are They AppropriatePatrick R. Burns5/7/2007
The Client Security Fund- Celebrating 20 Years of Client ProtectionJulie E. Bennett4/2/2007
Higher Interest Rates May Mean More Revenue For Legal AidCassie Hanson3/5/2007
May Co-Counsel Sue for DamagesTimothy M. Burke2/5/2007
Recognizing the Volunteers Who Make It WorkBetty M. Shaw1/1/2007
Conflicts for Recently Hired Government AttorneysThomas F. Ascher12/4/2006
When it Comes to Conflicts, Not All Interests are Created EqualCraig D. Klausing11/6/2006
Cooperation in Disciplinary ProceedingsPatrick R. Burns10/2/2006
Legal Employers Beware!Julie E. Bennett9/4/2006
Competent Representation Requires Knowledge of ProcedureCassie Hanson8/7/2006
Comparing Services Can Be DiceyTimothy M. Burke7/3/2006
Who's Watching The LawyersBetty M. Shaw6/5/2006
Changes to Rule 7 of the Minnesota Rules of Professional ConductThomas F. Ascher5/1/2006
Public Disciplinary Records Now Available OnlineCraig D. Klausing4/3/2006
Candor to the Tribunal- Changes to Rule 3.3 of the Professional RulesPatrick R. Burns3/6/2006
Frequently Asked Questions About Professional Firm FilingsCassie Hanson2/6/2006
Avoiding complaints in immigration mattersTimothy M. Burke1/2/2006
Now, Does Everyone Understand that I Don't Represent YouThomas F. Ascher12/5/2005
The lawyer as advisorMartin A. Cole11/7/2005
Dealing With a Client With Diminished CapacityCraig D. Klausing10/3/2005
New Rules Regarding Prospective and Limited Service Pro Bono ClientsPatrick R. Burns9/5/2005
Disbarment - Not Necessarily Forever in MinnesotaBetty M. Shaw8/1/2005
The Dual Role of Corporate Attorney and Board MemberCassie Hanson7/4/2005
Rules of Professional Conduct in Personal MattersTimothy M. Burke6/6/2005
Handling driver-passenger conflictsMartin A. Cole5/2/2005
Tips on Transacting Business with a ClientThomas F. Ascher4/4/2005
Inflating 'billable hours' on contingent fee casesCraig D. Klausing3/7/2005
Ethical Considerations In Providing Unbundled Legal ServicesPatrick R. Burns2/7/2005
Avoiding Imputed Disqualification Through ScreeningBetty M. Shaw1/3/2005
Alcoholism, Chemical Dependency Within Legal CommunityCassie Hanson12/6/2004
The Importance of Following Proper Notary ProceduresTimothy M. Burke11/1/2004
What soon-to-be lawyers and law students can't doMartin A. Cole10/4/2004
Settle Issues, Not ComplaintsThomas F. Ascher9/6/2004
Return to Sender; Address UnknownCraig D. Klausing8/2/2004
When Sandpapering Goes Too FarPatrick R. Burns7/5/2004
Reliance on NonLawyersTimothy M. Burke5/24/2004
Failure To Pay Support and MaintenanceCassie Hanson5/3/2004
A Look at Reporting Malpractice Insurance CoverageBetty M. Shaw4/5/2004
When Does a Current Client Become a Former ClientMartin A. Cole3/1/2004
Remaining an Upright Person While Earning a Satisfactory LivingCraig D. Klausing2/2/2004
Ethical Issues in Pro Bono WorkPatrick R. Burns1/5/2004
Avoiding Problems When Settling Malpractice ClaimsTimothy M. Burke12/1/2003
When Client Property Is Lost or MisplacedCassie Hanson11/3/2003
New Rule Proposed on Responsibilities Regarding Law-Related ServicesBetty M. Shaw10/6/2003
Ethics Rules May Change When You Cross State LinesMartin A. Cole9/1/2003
Law Firm Naming RightsCraig D. Klausing8/4/2003
Dealing With Prospective ClientsMartin A. Cole7/7/2003
Changes to the Professional Conduct Rules in the WorksPatrick R. Burns6/2/2003
The Importance of Accurate QuotationsTimothy M. Burke5/5/2003
What Every Lawyer Should Know About Reciprocal DisciplineCassie Hanson4/7/2003
Advisory Opinions, What are TheyCraig D. Klausing3/3/2003
First Amendment Does Not Bar Attorney Disciplinary ActionCandice M. Hojan2/3/2003
Are You Really Certain You Want To ResignBetty M. Shaw1/6/2003
Lawyers Board Repeals Four OpinionsKenneth L. Jorgensen12/2/2002
Ethical and Procedural Withdrawal RequirementsKenneth L. Jorgensen11/4/2002
Notarization of SignaturesPatrick R. Burns10/7/2002
Using Outside CounselTimothy M. Burke9/2/2002
Is Your Firm Required to File with the OLPRMary L. Galvin8/19/2002
Another Look at Letters of ProtectionCraig D. Klausing8/5/2002
A Look at Making Loans to ClientsKenneth L. Jorgensen and Candice M. Hojan7/1/2002
Opinion Barring Secret Recording of Conversations is RepealedKenneth L. Jorgensen6/3/2002
The Rules Regarding Disability Inactive StatusBetty M. Shaw5/6/2002
The Self-Defense Exception to Client ConfidentialityMartin A. Cole4/1/2002
The Ethical Consequences of Improper Subpoena UseKenneth L. Jorgensen3/4/2002
The Importance of Diligence and Avoiding ProcrastinationPatrick R. Burns2/4/2002
Receiving Client Property as a Fee or Security for a FeeTimothy M. Burke1/7/2002
A Lawyer's Duty to Report Misconduct Under Rule 8.3Mary L. Galvin12/3/2001
Communication with Represented Parties 2001Craig D. Klausing11/5/2001
Collecting What Is DueCandice M. Hojan10/22/2001
Handling an Attorney's Death, Disability or DisappearanceBetty M. Shaw10/1/2001
Applying Rule 4.2 in Class Action LitigationMartin A. Cole9/24/2001
Calling a Witness Whom You Know Will Claim the FifthKenneth L. Jorgensen9/10/2001
Interest on Legal Fees- Usury is Illegal, Unreasonable, and Just Plain BadPatrick R. Burns8/27/2001
Courtesy, Civility, and DisciplineTimothy M. Burke8/13/2001
With Fee Sharing, Strict Compliance is RequiredMary L. Galvin7/23/2001
A Look at Lawyers' Obligation to Expedite LitigationCraig D. Klausing7/9/2001
After Suspension- A Look at the Process of ReinstatementBetty M. Shaw6/25/2001
Handling Retainer FeesCandice M. Hojan6/11/2001
Screening conflicted lawyers under Rule 1.10Martin A. Cole5/28/2001
Testamentary Exception to Privilege, ConfidentialityKenneth L. Jorgensen5/14/2001
Professional Firms- If You Don't File, You Might Not Get PaidPatrick R. Burns4/30/2001
Can You Ethically View a Represented Party's Web SiteMary L. Galvin4/16/2001
Debits and Credits in the Battle Over IOLTAEric T. Cooperstein4/2/2001
Letters of Protection- Keeping Your Client's PromiseCraig D. Klausing3/19/2001
Responsibility for Non-Lawyer AssistantsTimothy M. Burke3/5/2001
Registration Fee- A Price of Practicing LawCandice M. Hojan2/19/2001
Psychological Fitness- Dealing With Mental Health IssuesBetty M. Shaw2/5/2001
The Confidentiality of Lawyer Ethics InvestigationsCharles E. Lundberg1/22/2001
You Can't Make Clients Keep Their Own FilesMartin A. Cole1/8/2001
IOLTA or Separate Client Trust AccountKenneth L. Jorgensen12/25/2000
A Review Of The Rules Of Professional Conduct - ABA Ethics 2000Patrick R. Burns12/11/2000
Can You Ethically Assert A Time-Barred ClaimMary L. Galvin11/27/2000
Settlements That Restrict A. Lawyer's PracticeKenneth L. Jorgensen11/13/2000
He Who Pays The Piper May Not Get To Call The TuneCraig D. Klausing10/30/2000
Directing the Tape-Recording of Phone ConversationsCandice M. Hojan10/2/2000
Returning To Practice After SuspensionBetty M. Shaw9/18/2000
Reasonablefees.fees.com - Expect Special ScrutinyEric T. Cooperstein9/4/2000
Client Security Board Deals With Some Difficult ClaimsMartin A. Cole8/21/2000
You Should Really Already Know ThisPatrick R. Burns8/7/2000
A Thousand Pictures Are Worth A Few WordsMary L. Galvin7/24/2000
The Mysterious Case of the Disappearing LawyerCraig D. Klausing7/10/2000
Too Closely Held for ComfortEric T. Cooperstein6/26/2000
Board Opinion No. 13 RevisitedTimothy M. Burke6/12/2000
Use of Disciplinary Findings and Sanctions in Civil MattersCandice M. Hojan5/29/2000
Top 10 Excuses For Neglect And NoncommunicationBetty M. Shaw5/15/2000
Contacting Represented Government OfficialsKenneth L. Jorgensen5/1/2000
Communicating With JurorsMartin A. Cole4/17/2000
Nonlawyer Involvement In The Disciplinary SystemPatrick R. Burns4/10/2000
Using Trial Consultants On A Contingent-Fee BasisEric T. Cooperstein3/27/2000
When You're Sick (And Tired) Of It!Mary L. Galvin3/20/2000
Using a Client's Confidential Information to Collect a FeeCraig D. Klausing3/6/2000
A Look at Ex Parte ContactsTimothy M. Burke2/21/2000
'Sticks And Stones 'Candice M. Hojan2/7/2000
Professional Responsibility for Professionally Incurred DebtsBetty M. Shaw1/24/2000
Immunity Protection in the Disciplinary SystemMartin A. Cole1/10/2000
Mortgages to Secure FeesKenneth L. Jorgensen12/27/1999
Restating The ObviousPatrick R. Burns12/13/1999
So You've Got A Conflict How To Avoid WithdrawingMary L. Galvin11/29/1999
Court Clarifies Coverage of No-Contact RuleEric T. Cooperstein11/15/1999
Disposing of Old Client FilesCraig D. Klausing11/1/1999
A Penny For Your ThoughtsTimothy M. Burke10/18/1999
Dealing With Third-Party FundsCandice M. Hojan10/4/1999
Hiring A Suspended Or A Disbarred AttorneyBetty M. Shaw9/20/1999
Lawyer-As-Witness Rule Often MisunderstoodMartin A. Cole9/6/1999
Is A Client Entitled To The Lawyer's NotesKenneth L. Jorgensen8/23/1999
Filing Firms With The OLPR- It's Not Just For UsPatrick R. Burns8/9/1999
New Technology Raises Old Ethical ProblemsMary L. Galvin7/26/1999
Proposed IRS Regulations Raise Ethical ConcernsEric T. Cooperstein7/12/1999
Does This Belong to MeCraig D. Klausing6/28/1999
Adverse RepresentationsTimothy M. Burke6/21/1999
Ethical Issues in Dealing with a Represented PartyCandice M. Hojan5/31/1999
Ways to Get in Trouble Harassing a Third PartyBetty M. Shaw5/17/1999
Some Hidden Rules in Contingent Fee CasesMartin A. Cole5/3/1999
Pro bono- It's good and it's good for you!Patrick R. Burns4/19/1999
Loose Lips Sink ShipsTimothy M. Burke4/5/1999
The Overdraft Program Protects and ServesEric T. Cooperstein3/22/1999
A Lawyer's Duty to Protect the Property of ClientsCraig D. Klausing2/22/1999
Board Adopts an E-Mail and Cell-Phone Use OpinionKenneth L. Jorgensen2/8/1999
Legal Ethics of Conducting Business With Your ClientCandice M. Hojan1/25/1999
How to Avoid Issues of Unauthorized PracticeBetty M. Shaw1/11/1999
Lawyers Must Be Aware of Duties Owed FiduciariesKenneth L. Jorgensen12/31/1998
Ethically Collecting a Debt From a ClientMartin A. Cole12/11/1998
Advisory Opinions Can Prevent TroublePatrick R. Burns11/27/1998
Professional Responsibility Board Revises Rule on BookkeepingEric T. Cooperstein11/13/1998
Attorney Admonished Over FeeHenry C. Granison10/30/1998
Dealing With Clients Who Lie- What Can You Ethically DoCraig D. Klausing10/9/1998
Client Confidences, Secrets and the Discharged In-House CounselTimothy M. Burke9/25/1998
Taxes- To File Or Not To File That Isn't Even a QuestionCandice M. Hojan9/11/1998
Balancing Compassion With The Need For Public ProtectionBetty M. Shaw8/28/1998
A Lawyer's Duty to Preserve Confidential Client InformationKenneth L. Jorgensen8/14/1998
The Unique Art of Settling Lawyer Disciplinary MattersMartin A. Cole7/31/1998
Can tobacco suit fees ever be so large as to be unethical. The full record of the ethics board's rejection of Stephen Youn7/24/1998
Ethics Rules May Apply When Civil Practice Becomes UncivilPatrick R. Burns7/17/1998
Supreme Court Decision Provokes Review of IOLTA AccountsEric T. Cooperstein7/3/1998
Know the Rules Governing 'Specialist' Ads for LawyersHenry C. Granison6/19/1998
Beware Of What You Ask Non lawyers To Do On Your BehalfCraig D. Klausing6/5/1998
No Substitute For Undertaking A Thorough Conflicts CheckTimothy M. Burke5/22/1998
It Looks and Smells Like a Conflict, It's Probably a ConflictCandice M. Hojan5/8/1998
When Lawyers Threaten Criminal Prosecution in a Civil CaseKenneth L. Jorgensen4/24/1998
How To Share Fees With An Attorney Who Isn't In Your FirmBetty M. Shaw4/10/1998
Diligence Means Always Returning Your Clients' Phone CallsPatrick R. Burns3/27/1998
Lawyers Only Hurt Themselves By Failing To Cooperate With Disciplinary InvestigationsMartin A. Cole3/13/1998
Pitfalls in Debt Collection Practice Result in DisciplineEric T. Cooperstein2/27/1998
Responding To An Ethics Complaint- On Whose DimeCraig D. Klausing2/13/1998
False Notarizations Earn Attorney Private AdmonishmentHenry C. Granison1/30/1998
Can Lawyers Go On Strike Withdrawing Services Not Always an OptionCandice M. Hojan1/16/1998
Your Duty to Train and Supervise Non-Lawyer EmployeesBetty M. Shaw1/9/1998
Don't Withhold Client FilesTimothy M. Burke12/19/1997
The Safekeeping of CheeseburgersKenneth L. Jorgensen11/21/1997
A Safe Solution for Attorneys Stuck with Abandoned Client FundsKenneth L. Jorgensen11/14/1997
Director's Office Admonishes Attorney For Failure To Clearly Communicate FeeMartin A. Cole10/24/1997
Avoiding Inadvertent Violations of Lawyer Advertising RulesPatrick R. Burns10/10/1997