​​Advisory Opinions (Ethics Hotline)

                                      Note:  The Advisory Opinion Service is available to licensed
                                                  Minnesota Attorneys, Judges and Out of State Lawyers
                                                  regarding compliance with Minnesota's ethics rules.

The Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility offers advisory opinions on professional responsibility issues to licensed Minnesota attorneys, judges and out of state lawyers regarding compliance with Minnesota's ethics rules.

Advisory opinions may be obtained by phone (651-296-3952 or toll-free 1-800-657-3601) or by clicking the link below to access the advisory opinion request form and submit via e-mail. Complete all required information on the form – name, attorney registration number, address, telephone number, a brief rendition of the facts giving rise to your question, and your question. When your advisory opinion request is received, it will be reviewed by a staff attorney who will call you to discuss your question. We will respond by telephone, not by return e-mail or letter.

There are limits on the advisory opinion service. We do not give opinions as to past conduct or the conduct of other lawyers. The opinion we give you will be based upon the facts you give us. We are not responsible for the application of this opinion to differing factual situations. Advisory opinions are not intended to bind or influence any court or other adjudicatory body.

It is the policy of the Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility to treat advisory opinions as confidential. We will not disclose the information given in requesting an advisory opinion or the advisory opinion given to anyone other than you.

Click here to Submit a Request for Advisory Opinion to the Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility.